The Advantages of THC Cartridges Over Bud

Head to your favorite dispensary sometime and look closely enough around, and you should be able to find cartridges (often called carts) for electronic cigarettes that are pre-filled with liquid that is dosed with THC. It is able to provide some of the same benefits as if you had smoked some bud, but does it have any advantages over flower?

Why go with a cannabis cartridge when you can simply pick up your favorite strains in their normal format? While bud is the most celebrated way to take your cannabis, don’t downplay some of the advantages of cannabis cartridges that you might not have thought about before.

cannabis cartridges

Cartridges Are Highly Portable

Cannabis carts are one of the most portable ways for you to take your cannabis. They are quite tiny, and simply screw on to the top of a battery. Some will work perfectly with any e-cigarette battery, and can be easily stored away in a pocket or bag. If you want to make sure you can carry your cannabis anywhere with you without loading up a bunch of bags with bud, then getting your hands on a THC cart or two can be a big help!

Cartridges Are Easily Concealable

You don’t want to advertise the fact that you have a cannabis product with you everywhere you go. Thankfully, with cartridges, you can make it easy to get your THC wherever you would like without drawing any attention to yourself. You can take a quick drag and then put it right back in your bag or pocket.

No one even needs to know you are vaping cannabis if you don’t want them to – to the naked eye, it could look like you are simply using a nicotine vape.

Find Relief Anywhere!

THC carts make it super simple for anyone to find relief from pain, anxiety, and more anywhere they might be. Check out your local dispensaries, and you will find that these carts are not very expensive, and come in all kinds of strains and dosage options. You will be able to find the right cart for you with some searching around and testing them out.