Exploring Postpartum Care

postpartum in Mount Pleasant

One of life’s greatest gifts is a child — but it’s also one of life’s biggest challenges. Parents are learning that during those nine months of “having a baby,” the physical and emotional changes are so hard that more than half of all couples break up.

In Western societies, postpartum in Mount Pleasant is a family affair. You will need the emotional and practical support of your partner and family in order to get through it all — AND in order to raise your child into adulthood. And the whole extended family will be there for you when you need babysitting, advice or help.

What is postpartum care? It’s a time when a woman, after giving birth, needs emotional and physical support. She may experience all kinds of pleasant or unpleasant feelings, such as euphoria and anxiety.

Postpartum care includes a variety of tasks, but here are some of the most common ones.  

·    Help with basic tasks like bathing, dressing, and walking if you’re having difficulty with them.

·    Help to express your feelings and deal with mental health in a healthy manner.

·    Information and advice regarding how to care for your child during this crucial time.

·    Help in dealing with visitors, phone calls, and email, as you may not have the energy to do so.

·    Proper nutrition, rest, and exercise so that you can best care for your little one.

·    Any questions about childcare.

During the first few days after delivery you may feel tired. This is not surprising; you’ve just gone through a long process of physical stress! It’s important to start walking as soon as possible. Once your body has started healing, you will regain your energy and strength. Then, you can start the journey of postpartum healing and care with your family and professionals.